The IT Forum Latam Experience

Welcome to 4 days of immersion that will transform the way you think and design tomorrow.

IT Forum LATAM is the meeting point for CIOs that invest the most in technology and the top executives of the main suppliers of the sector. It enables them to broaden and strengthen relationships in a relaxed and business-friendly environment.

Keynote speaker


"MIT, a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a specialist in robot-man interaction, will present" The Story of Tomorrow "through the results of her research on issues that lawmakers, engineers and the general public should address in the coming decades.
Always keen on how technology impacts society, Kate is a Harvard Berkman Center for Internet and Society Fellow and former Fellow of the Yale Information Society Project, as well as an affiliate of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies. "



Speaker, success stories and interactive workshops

In addition to providing relevant information on IT trends in Latin America, IT Forum LATAM unfolds its central theme based on the vision of renowned thinkers with experience in various fields and sectors such as philosophers, sociologists, teachers, scientists and leaders in a projected environment to produce moments of collective "Eureka".


Networking activities in a friendly environment

Meet the decision makers of the most influential companies in Latin America in a totally informal way. Also, exercise your mind and find solutions through the experience of other leaders through discussions that will take your perception and performance to another level.


One year in four days

How long would it take to meet the top executives of the main companies in Latin America? In the environment we create, it is possible to innovate, co-create and solve small problems that are not possible to solve on a daily basis. All this to do business that will help develop not only companies, but also humanity itself.

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