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Forget about traditional technology events. You will not find any bored booths or exhibitor here. IT Forum LATAM is about experiencing the unexpected, leaving your comfort zone behind, bringing together leading executives and visionaries from all over Latin America to explore the relationship between business and creativity and its potential to redefine business.

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SLA, our biggest commitment

We deliver what has been sold. Receive what you have bought.

We are the first company in the sector to ensure SLA (Service Level Agreement) for sponsors, which allows you to protect your investments and ensure the IT MÍDIA quality standard, mainly in relation to the quantity and quality of our guests.

Before IT, the Strategy

If you are a CIO and you are interested in participating in the IT Forum, fill in the information below, then we will send you a link for you to answer the research "Before IT, Strategy". After completing, we will analyze your data and we will indicate in which of our meetings your participation will be more effective.

An expanded analysis of the real motivations of IT investments

Every year we carry out the study "Before IT, the Strategy", which brings the analysis of challenges and trends in investment in hardware, software, services and IT solutions. That research is the key to our event.

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